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Ocean Walk - Digital Download

Ocean Walk - Digital Download

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Ocean Walk was my first foray into songwriting, it was written in my dorm room in a very transitional period of my life. The EP is a very special piece to me and it was all recorded very raw and live as there was no mixing or mastering added to it.

Track Listing

1 - Across the Atlantic
2 - Harbours
3 - Sleep
4 - Someday
5 - Atwater
6 - Queen of Coasts
7 - Thinking About You
8 - Queen of Coasts (The Bedroom Sessions)
9 - Letters (Demo)

Recorded at Planet Studios in Montreal over two days, tracked by Marc-Antoine Desjardins.

Bonus tracks, 08- 'queen of coasts' & 09 'letters' were recorded in my bedroom & are available only on my online store*

Written by Edwin Raphael
Art Direction by Terrence Oscar

Released on 19th June 2015

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